155 Generations

155. I am the son of:

  • 154. My Mother:

Name: Kathleen Jean Elaine (McCallum) Brennan. Born 28 Oct 1942 in Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa. Wife of Coenraad Jacob Gerbrand van Hoogstraten - married 2 Apr 1969 in Johannesburg. Wife of Wayne Brennan - married 12 May 1981 in Johannesburg.

  • 153. Her father:

Name: Donald Walter Smith McCallum (1907 - 1981).

Born 22 Jan 1907 in Kimberley, Kimberley, Cape Province, South Africa.

Husband of Elizabeth Laura (Hattingh) McCallum - married 22 Apr 1930 (to 1930) in Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.

Husband of Elizabeth Margaret (Lawrence) McCallum - married (to 1954)

Husband of Dirkje Johanna (Jonker) McCallum - married 7 Mar 1959 in Kimberley, South Africa.

Died 1981.

  • 152. His father:

Name: Alexander Wallace McCallum Jnr (abt. 1862 - 1944).

Born about 18 Nov 1862 in Kimberley, Kimberley, Cape Province, South Africa.

Husband of Annie Susan Louise Cathrine (Minnaar) McCallum - married 3 Nov 1882 (to Feb 1937) in Kimberley.

Died 2 Oct 1944 in Addington Hospital, Durban, Natal, South Africa.

  • 151. His father:

Name: Alexander Wallace McCallum (abt. 1829 - 1891).

Born about May 1829 in Renfrew, Glasgow, Scotland.

Husband of Christina Francis Helena (Christina) "Grace" Livingstone formerly Heintjies aka Henkes, Heintjes, McCallum   - married 23 Apr 1860 in Cape Town.Died 21 Jul 1891 in Beaconsfield, Kimberley, Cape Province, South Africa.

Died 21 Jul 1891 in Beaconsfield, Kimberley, Cape Province, South Africa 

  • 150. His father:

Name: Samuel Wheatley McCallum (1806 - 1886)

Born 9 Feb 1806 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Husband of Elizabeth (Smith) McCallum - married 30 Jun 1828 in Glasgow,Lanark,Scotland.

Died 19 Oct 1886 in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa.

  • 149. His mother:

Name: Elizabeth (Wheatley) McCallum (1775 - 1864)

Born 23 Jan 1775 in Kirkmichael, Ary, Scotland.

Wife of Alexander McCallum - married 1789.

Died 4 Oct 1864 in Willoughton, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom.

  • 148. Her father:

Name: Samuel Wheatley (abt. 1727 - 1816)

Born about 1727.

Husband of Margaret

Died 1816.

  • 147. His father:

Name: Samuel Wheatley Sr. (1670 - 1739)

Born 11 Jul 1670 in Somerset, England.

Husband of Mary (Grimes) Wheatley.

Husband of Mary (Shirley) Whatley (1676 - 1710).

Died 21 Jan 1739 in Tyrrell County, North Carolina.

  • 146.His father:

Name: Benjamin Wheatley

Born 1645 in Isle of Wight, Colony of Virginia,

Husband of Frances (Rolle) Whatley.

Died about 1670 in England.

  • 145. His father:

Name: Capt John Frank Whatley (1628 - 1695)

Born 1628 in Somerset, England.

Husband of Lydia (Talbot) Whatley - married 1644 in Virginia.

Died 1695 in Isle, Virginia.

  • 144. His father:

Name: Captain John Whitley (1605 - 1672)

Born 1605 in Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England.

Husband of Elizabeth (Lygon) Whitley.

Died 1672 in Northumberland, Lancaster, Virginia.

  • 143. His father:

Name: Colonel Thomas Whitley

Born 1584 in Somerset, England.

Husband of Elizabeth Farrar - married 1600 in England.Died 1632 in Virginia Colony.

  • 142. His father:

Name: Richard Wheatleigh

Born 3 May 1565 in Tingsboro,,Somerset, England.

Husband of Mary Wheatleigh - married 1583.

Died 1595 in Kings Stanley, Lasboro, Gloucestershire, England.

  • 141. His mother:

Name: Mary (Fiennes) Wheatleigh

Born 1525 in Tingsboro,,Somerset,England.

Wife of John Frank Wheatley - married about 1547 in Tingsboro,Somerset,England.

Died 20 Apr 1595 in Somerset, England.

  • 140. Her father:

Name: Thomas Fiennes

Born 1495 in Herstmonceux, Sussex, England.

Husband of Jane (Sutton) Audley - married 1514.

Died 26 Oct 1528 in Herstmonceux, Sussex, England.

  • 139. His father:

Name: Sir Thomas "8th Lord Dacre of the South" Fiennes KB

Born about 1472 in Herstmonceux, Sussex, England.

Husband of Anne (Bourchier) Fiennes - married about 1492.

Died 9 Sep 1533 in Herstmonceux, Sussex, England.

  • 138. His father:

Name: Sir John Fiennes

Born 1447 in Herstmonceux, Sussex, England.

Husband of Alice (Fitzhugh) Fiennes.

Died 1483 in Hailsham, Sussex, England.

  • 137. His father:

Name: Sir Richard "7th Lord Dacre of the South" Fiennes

Born about 1425 in Herstmonceux, Sussex, England.

Husband of Joan (Dacre) Fiennes - married Jun 1446 in Herstmonceux, Sussex, England.

Died 25 Nov 1483 in Herstmonceux, Sussex, England.

  • 136. His father:

Name: Sir Roger Fiennes

Born before 14 Sep 1384 in Sussex, England.

Husband of Elizabeth (Holland) Fiennes - married before 1422.

Died before 18 Nov 1449 in Sussex, England.

  • 135. His father:

Name: Sir William Fiennes

Husband of Elizabeth (Battisford) Fiennes - married before 23 Apr 1385.

Died about 18 Jan 1402 in Kemsing & Seale, Sussex, England.

  • 134. His father:

Name: Sir William de Fiennes

Born 2 Feb 1331 in Herstmonceux, Sussex, England.

Husband of Joan (Saye) de Valoines - married before 1356.

Died 30 Nov 1359 in France.

  • 133. His father:

Name: Sir John (John II) de Fiennes

Born 1301 in Herstmonceux, Sussex, England.

Husband of Maud (Monceaux) Fiennes.

Died 5 Apr 1351 in Sussex, England.

  • 132. His father:

Name: Sir John (John I) de Fiennes

Born 1280 in Wendover, Buckinghamshire.

Husband of Joan (Jordain) Fiennes.

Died 1331 in White Waltham, Berkshire, , England.

  • 131. His father:

Name: Giles de Fiennes

Born about 1250 in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England.

Husband of Sybil (Filiol) Fiennes.

Died 1293 in Pitchcott, Buckinghamshire, England.

  • 130. His father:

Name: Enguerrand (Enguerrand II) "Ingelram, Baron of Fiennes and Tngry" de Fiennes KB

Born about 1192 in Buckinghamshire, England.

Husband of Maud (Hampden) Fiennes and Isabel Fiennes formerly Condé aka de Condé

Died 1267 in England.

  • 129. His father:

Name: William "Lord of Wendover" de Fiennes

Born about 1160 in Martock, Somerset, England.

Husband of Agnes (Dammartin) de Fiennes.

Died 1241 in Palestine.

  • 128. His father:

Name: Enguerrand "Ingleram" de Fiennes

Born 1128 in Marstock, Somerset.

Husband of Sybil (Boulogne) de Fiennes.

Died 1189 in Acre, Palestine.

  • 127. His father:

Name: Eustache Fiennes II

Born about 1100.

Husband of Anne (Dreux) Fiennes.

Died after 1128.

  • 126. His father:

Name: Conan de Fiennes

Born about 1084.

Husband of Alix (Bournonville) Fiennes.

Died after 1112.

  • 125. His father:

Name: Eustace de Fiennes

Born about 1060 in Fiennes, France.

Husband of Adelle (Furnes) Fiennes.

  • 124. His father:

Name: John Fiennes formerly Leuven aka van Leuven

Born about 1025.

  • 123. His father:

Name: Lambert (Lambert II) "Baldric" de Louvain formerly Leuven

Born 995 in Lower Lotharingia.

Husband of Uda (Oda) de Lotharingia formerly Lorraine

Died 19 Jun 1054 in France.

  • 122. His mother:

Name: Gerberga (Gerberge) Leuven formerly Lorraine aka de Lorraine, de Louvain

Born about 975 in Lorraine.

Wife of Lambert (Lambert I) "the Bearded, Graaf van Leuven" van Leuven formerly Henegouwen

Died after 27 Jan 1019 in Reims, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France.

  • 121. Her father:

Name: Charles "Duke of Lower Lotharingia" Lotharingia formerly Carolingian aka Basse-Lotharingie

Born 953 in Laon, France.

Husband of Adelais "Adelais de Troyes" de Lorraine formerly Vermandois - married 970

Died 21 May 992 in Orléans, France.

  • 120. His father:

Name: Louis (Louis IV) "Transmarinus, d'Outremer, King of the Franks" de France

Born 10 Sep 920 in Laon, Aisne, Picardie, France.

Husband of Gerberga (Gerberge) von Sachsen formerly Liudolfing aka of Saxony, of Germany, de Lorraine,

Died 10 Sep 954 in Rheims, Champagne-Ardenne, France.

  • 119. His mother:

Name: Eadgifu (Edgiva) "Queen of Western Francia, Abbess of Notre Dame de Laon" de France formerly Wessex aka Carolingian, Vermandois

Born after 902 in Wessex, England.

Wife of Charles (Charles III) "King of Western Francia, le Simple" de France formerly Carolingian - married 7 Oct 919.

Wife of Herbert (Heribert) Meaux formerly Vermandois - married 951.Died after 26 Sep 951 in Soissons, Aisne, Picardie, France.

  • 118. Her father:

Name: Eadweard (Edward) "Edward the Elder, Se Ealdr, King of England" of England formerly Wessex aka of the West Saxons

Born about 871 in Wessex, England.

Husband of Edgina England formerly of Wessex aka Wessex, of England

Husband of Ecgwyn "Eegwynn, Ecgwy, Egwina" England formerly Wessex - married 893.

Husband of Aeflaeda "Elfleda, Queen of England" Wiltshire - married 901.

Husband of Eadgifu "Ediva, Aedgyfu, Edgiva" Wessex formerly Kent - married 920 in Wessex, England.

Died 17 Jul 924 in Farndon-on-Dee, Farrington, Berkshire, England.

  • 117. His father:

Name: Ælfred (Alfred) "Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons and Anglo-Saxons" of Wessex

Born about 9 May 849 in Wantage, Berkshire, Wessex, England.

Husband of Queen Ealhswith "Alswitha, Aethelswida, Elswitha, Æhlswith, Elhswyth, Ealhswith,Ethelswitha, Lady of the Mercians, Queen of England" of England formerly Mercia aka of the Gaini, of Wessex - married 868 in Winchester, England.

Died 26 Oct 899 in Winchester, Hampshire, England.

  • 116. His mother:

Name: Osburh "Osburga of Isle of Wight" of Wessex

Born about 810 in Wessex, England.

Wife of Æthelwulf "Ethelwulf, King of Wessex" of Wessex formerly Wessex - married about 833.

Died about 856 in Kent, England.

  • 115. Her father:

Name: Oslac Whitgarsson "Chief Butler of Wessex, Ealdorman of the Isle of Wight" of Wight

Born 800 in Isle of Wight, England.

Died about 856 in Wessex, England.

  • 114. His mother:

Name: Sabd "Princess" Of Ossory

Born 750.

Died 804.

  • 113. Her mother:

Name: Feargna Of Leinster

Born 720 in Ireland.

Wife of Maelaithgen Of Ossory.

Died 782.

  • 112. Her father:

Name: King Murchad "King of Leinster" Macbran O'Dunlainge formerly O'Dunlainge

Born about 670 in Dublin, Ireland.Husband of Conchenn Ingen Cualain.

Died 727 in Dublin, Ireland.

  • 111. His father:

Name: Bran Mutt "King of Leinster" mac Conaill formerly O Dunlainge

Born about 640 in Leinster, Ireland.

Husband of Almaith Ingen Blathmaic

Died 693 in Dublin, Ireland.

  • 110. His mother:

Name: Condadil (Crundmael) Ingen Crundmael

Born about 610 in Leinster, Ireland.

Wife of Conall (Conal) mac Fáelán

Died in Ireland.

  • 109. Her father:

Name: Crundmael MacFinain.

Born in Dunlainge,Leinster, Ireland.

  • 108. His mother:

Name: Lassar (Orgail) of Airgíalla

Born 550 in Airgíalla, Ireland.

Wife of Finan Mac Maine.

  • 107. Her father:

Name: Daimhin (Oriel) na Oriel

Born about 490 in Ireland.

Died about 560 in Ireland.

  • 106. His father:

Name: Cairpre "Cairpre Daim Airgit" mac Eochaidh formerly Tara

Born in Ireland.

Died 514 in Ireland.

  • 105. His father:

Name: Eochaidh (Eochu) mac Cremthin

Born 430 in Tara, Meath, Ireland.

  • 104. His father:

Name: Criomhthan (Crimthann) Liath formerly Lethan

Born 400 in Tara, Meath, Ireland.

  • 103. His father:

Name: Fiach Flacc

Born 370 in Ireland.

Died in Ireland.

  • 102. His father:

Name: Daig Duirn (Dorn) mac Rochadh

  • 101. His father:

Name: Rochadh Rochaid

Born 310 in Ireland.

  • 100.His father:

Name: Colla da Crioch (Colae) Forchrith

Born 290 in Ireland.

Died in Ireland.

  • 99. His father:

Name: Eochu "Eochaid Doimlén" Cairpre formerly Eochu aka Eochaidh Dubhlein

Born about 260 in Ireland

  • 98. His father:

Name: Cairbre (Liffeachaire) Lifechair

Born 230 in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland.

Husband of Aine Nicfinn.

Died 284 in Gabhra, County Meath, Ireland.

  • 97. His father:

Name: Cormac Ulfada "Long Beard" MacArt

Born about 195 in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland.

Husband of Eithne Ollamhdha.

Died about 266 in House Claitech, Boyne River, Meath, Ireland.

  • 96. His father:

Name: Art Óenfher mac Cuinn aka mac Conn

Born about 152 in Tara, Ireland.

Husband of Maedhbh Connan formerly Leathdearg aka Eachtach

Husband of Achtan Acha.

Died 195 in Magh Mucroimbe, Galway, Ireland.

  • 95. His father:

Name: Conn Cétchathach "Conn of the Hundred Battles" Ceadcatha aka High King of Ireland.

Born in Tara, Navan, County Meath, Ireland.

Husband of Landabaria (Már) of Ireland.

Died 157 in Tara, Navan, County Meath, Ireland.

  • 94. His father:

Name: Felim "King of Ireland" Rachtmar aka Fedlimidh Reachtmhar

Born about 80 in Ireland.

Husband of Ughna Olichrothach Denmark.

Died 119 in Leinster, Ireland.

  • 93. His father:

Name: Tuathal "Bonaventura, High King of Ireland" Techtmar

Born about 56 in Ireland.

Husband of Baine (Balbh) Sgaile.

Died 106 in Ireland.

  • 92. His father:

Name: Fíachu Finnolach aka Fiacha Fionn-Ola.

Born in Ireland.

Died 56 in Knowth, County Meath, Ireland.

  • 91. His father:

Name: Feradach Finnfechtnach Fearadhach aka King of Ireland.

Born in Ireland.

Died about 36 in Meath, Ireland.

  • 90. His father:

Name: Crimthann Nia Náir.

Born in Ireland.

Died about 9 in Howth, County Dublin, Ireland.

  • 89. His father:

Name: Lugaid Alldathach (Ui Eremoin) mac Cairpre.

  • 88. His father:

Name: Coibre Crom-chenn.[1]

  • 87. His father:

Name: Daire Dorn-Mor.[1]

  • 86. His father:

Name: Coirbre Find-mor.[1]

  • 85. His father:

Name: Conaie Mor [1]

84. His father:

Name: Eterscél Mór  [1]

Wife: Mess Búachalla.

83. His father:

Name: Eogan  [1]

82. His father:

Name: Oilill [1]

81. His father:

Name: Iar [1]

80. His father:

Name: Degad  [1]

79. His father:

Name: Sen  [1]

78. His father:

Name: Before-Sen  [1]

77. His father:

Name: Ther  [1]

76. His father:

Name: Before-Ther  [1]

75. His father:

Name: Roin  [1]

74. His father:

Name: Arandill  [1]

73. His father:

Name: Maine  [1]

72. His father:

Name: Forgo  [1]

71. His father:

Name: Feradach  [1]

70. His father:

Name: Oilill Erann [1]

69. His father:

Name: Fiacha Fer-mara [1]

68. His father:

Name: Angus Tuirmech [1]

67. His father:

Name: Fir-cetharocht [1]

66. His father:

Name: Firrocht [1]

65. His father:

Name: An-roth [1]

64. His father:

Name: Firalmai [1]

63. His father:

Name: Firalmai [1]

62. His father:

Name: Liethan [1]

61. His father:

Name: Eochaid Alt-lethan [1]

60. His father:

Name: Oilill Cas-fiaclach [1]

59. His father:

Name: Conla [1]

58. His father:

Name: Iretro [1]

57. His father:

Name: Meilge [1]

56. His father:

Name: Cobthach Cael Bregh [1]

55. His father:

Name:  Úgaine Mor

54. His father:

Name:  Eochu Buadach

53. His father:

Name: Dui Ladrach  

52. His father:

Name: Fíachu Tolgrach

51. His father:

Name: Muiredach Bolgrach

50. His father:

Name: Siomón Brecc  

49. His father:

Name:  Áedan Glas

48. His father:

Name: Nuadu Finn Fáil  

47. His father:

Name: Gíallchad 

46. His father:

Name: Sírna Sáeglach

45. His father:

Name: Dian mac Demal 

44. His father:

Name: Demal mac Rothechtaid

43. His father:

Name: Rothechtaid mac Main

42. His father:

Name: Óengus Olmucaid

41. His father:

Name: Fíachu Labrainne 

40. His father:

Name: Enboth

39. His father:

Name: Tigernmas 

38. His father:

Name: Ethriel 

37. His father:

Name: Íriel Fáid

36. His father:

Name: Érimón

Wife: Tea 

35. His father:

Name: Míl Espáine

34. His father:

Name: Bile

33. His father:

Name: Breogan

32. His father: 

Name: Brath

31. His father:

Name: Deag

30. His father:

Name: Arcadh .....

29. His father:

Name: Alladh

28. His father:

Name: Nuadhad

27. His father:

Name: Nenuall

26. His father:

Name: Febric Glas

25. His father:

Name: Agnan Fionn

24. His father:

Name: Heber Glunfionn

23. His father:

Name: Lamhfionn

22. His father:

Name: Agnon

21. His father:

Name: Tait

20. His father:

Name: Ogaman

19. His father:

Name: Beouman

18. His father:

Name: Heber Scut

17. His father: 

Name: Sruth

16. His father:

Name: Asruth

15. His father:

Name: Gaodhal (Gathelus)

14. His father:

Name: Niul

13. His father:

Name: Phoeniusa Farsaidh (Fenius Farsa) King of Scythia

12. His father:

Name: Baoth "to whom Scythia came has his lot,"

11. His father:

Name: Magog

10. His father:

Name: Japhet

9. His father:

Name: Noah

8. His father:

Name: Lamech

7. His father:

Name: Methuselah

6. His father:

Name: Enoch

5. His father:

Name: Jared

4. His father:

Name: Mahalaleel

3. His father:

Name: Cainan

2. His father:

Name: Enos

1. His father:

Name: Seth

0. His father:

Name:  Adam


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